Sunday. Most weekends are more like this here in Tokyo. Crowded. Everywhere.



Alleyway. Some streets just aren’t quite wide enough for much more than a few people walking through.


Numbers & Letters. In response to the inability to remember or read station names, Japan has adopted using letters for train lines and numbers for stops. Every line has this now, so if you’re traveling to Japan, it’s just a little easier to remember where to get on and off. Maybe just ever so slightly easier.


Morning Chu-Hi. When you get to the supermarket at 9am, you get the chu-hi section all to yourself. All nicely faced, if you haven’t noticed.


0.01% “High purity vodka at a level of 99.99% after which was later filled for greater drinkability.”

Sounds suspicious to me… filled with what? I may have to investigate further to find out what the 0.01% is.


Enough. It doesn’t look like much, but it certainly hit the spot for lunch. At least for me. Crab and tomato cream sauce over spaghetti.


Walking. Amazingly, there are some places that are devoid of people in Japan.