Another. View of the southern side of Shinjuku. It’s becoming so large that there are so many covered areas, either by eaves or just buildings that cover certain areas. Good for when it rains!



Caps. My kids asked for Mariners hats for their birthdays for some reason.


Aston. Martin, as in 007. This is a pretty sweet ride too.


Demolishing. This house and the one directly across the street are being torn down. I wonder what will be put up in its place?

I’m guessing a few new houses. Real estate near the station is prime, and this property is only 2 minutes from the station.


Gott’s. Roadside diner in Napa. Fish tacos and corn with a healthy serving of mayonnaise and ‘Taijin’ that spice stuff.. I can’t even explain it.

Reliving last summer…


Bowling. Went bowling yesterday.. with fake names. And over two games I rolled 228.. 122 in the second game. Luckily, everyone else was worse than me.


iPhone. You might say I’ve owned a few iPhones over the years… I wonder if the boxes are worth anything at the moment?