In the middle. If you’ve ever been to DaikanYama, you know it’s the center of a trendy, upscale place to hang out for lunch or stroll around on the weekend.

But right in the heart of all of this stands one house, seemingly a relic compared to all modern buildings surrounding it.



River Walk. Many rivers that run through the city look like this. Cement water ways lined with sakura cherry trees. This is ‘NakaMeguro’ straight out of the station is a road about 1.5km lined with sakura trees along the river, and shops on the street to buy something or eat something!


Golden Gates. Last year when I walked across.. well, only halfway because it was freezing in August, the fog rolled in a little early and this was about as clear as it got here.

Maybe next time it’ll be a nicer day.


ShakeShack. Not too bad in Japan.  You can even enjoy a beer with your burger!


Rattlesnake liquor. Commonly sold in Okinawa in these big jars.  But you can get a small souvenir bottle with just the head stuck in it as well!


Help. I had a small job to do… take off all the rust, and paint. Yea, that took two days.


Sakura. And my dog at the park.