Gone. In a matter of days the entire building is gone, the land is flattened, and made to look like it’s ready for the next building to be built.



Dubliners. In Tokyo there are a few places to get some good hard cider.


Boil. Just add water. Like instant noodles. except the instant-ness is a little longer, 10 minutes. And of course, 900 yen ($9.00)..not sure if that is worth it..


Lemon. ‘Cold Chinese noodles with lemon’ Sounds pretty good to me!

On the left is ‘spicy dip noodles’ (so, the sauce and noodles are separate, when you eat, you dip the noodles in the sauce, like eating cold soba or somen).

Looks like I might have a few posts from this area, Jiyugaoka, since I’m changing jobs now. This was a little shop that had some interesting food and cooking utensils.


Oreos. Like only Dean & DeLuca know how to do it in Japan. ‘Crash Chocolate Muffin’

Still looks good. Maybe I’ll buy one someday…


Tanabata. Star crossed lovers story. If you want your wish to come true, you should write it on the paper and hang it on the tree.


Silverfern. I was really amazed to see how big these were when I visited NZ last year. beautiful plants that have great meaning for the people here.