favorite pics

(UPDATE  Feb. 22, 2013)

Here is my collection of favorite pictures.

When necessary, I’ll add one to the post…



↑ Feb. 22, 2013. More frost. Originally posted here


↑ December 7, 2012. 6:44am. Original post.  The cold air has started to bring much of the moisture out of the ground. I think that is what happens! Some spots have a bit of the topsoil raised off the ground from the frost.


↑October 21, 2012

↑ August 21, 2012. The Sun is obscured by a very large cloud that actually changed the color of the sunset from left to right. The two colors of blue were almost eerie if you were looking the other way.

On my Chiba trip, the reflection off my car looked kind of cool…

Just looking up. July 16, 2012. 4:59pm

↑ Just looking up from the ground to the buildings in front of me creates some pretty good contrasts. The clouds and sunlight (actually, the sunset) kept the side where I was standing in the dark. July 16, 2012. 5:29pm.

Cherry tree blossoms in the foreground. April 7, 2012. 5:25pm

↑ Every year the cherry blossoms come out, sometimes with some bad weather, sometimes with some good weather. This picture was at the end of the day. April 7, 2012. 5:25pm.

Fujimioka Ground. March 26, 2012. 5:27pm

↑ At the end of the day, after our games. It’s time to go home, but the sun and clouds create some good scenery. March 26, 2012. 5:27pm.

Snowy day. February 29, 2012. 9:02am

↑ It snowed at night, and an hour and a half after I got to work, it looked 10 times worse than earlier. I really wanted to go outside and take a picture, but it was too cold. So from inside the building, I took a picture of basically the view as the one above. February 29, 2012. 9:02am.

Sunset(?) at work. February 2, 2012. 5:28pm

↑ Another picture from school. Super clear sky, sun setting over the Tanzawa range. And the boys school building in the background.

Frosty morning. December 15, 2011

↑ It was a frosty morning near my house one day. I was looking to take a few pictures of Mt. Fuji that day (which I did take as well), but this one picture stood out as one I really liked.

Disney Sea, Tokyo

↑ Disney Sea, Tokyo. December 7, 2011.

Disney Sea. December 7, 2011

↑ Disney Sea, Tokyo. December 7, 2011.

Sun through the clouds. November 24, 2011

↑ Every once in a while I get some good pictures at work. While walking through the halls one day, I got this view. Just had to take a picture. November 24, 2011. 3:15pm.

On the verge of a storm. November 20, 2011

↑ On the verge of a storm. With the Tomei Highway on the left, it seems to cut the storm in half. As you drove towards the dark clouds, you could see the on-coming cars with their headlights on, while all the cars going in the same direction as me didn’t have their lights on! It was still light out! November 20, 2011. 4:55pm.

Sunrise near my house. November 17, 2011

↑ On my way to the train station one day. November 17, 2011. 06:26am.

Sunset. Near Futamatagawa, Japan. October 19, 2011

↑ Sunset near Futamatagawa, Japan. October 19, 2011.

iPhone 4S quality?

↑ I really wanted to check the quality of the new iPhone 4S camera and the new software packaged with it. I had taken a few pictures, but nothing I was really pleased with. Also, I really couldn’t find anything interesting and worthy of taking a picture of, until about two days after I picked up my iPhone I found this guy walking on the railing at work. I didn’t want to get too close, but it gave me a good chance to see some colors come ring out.

88 thoughts on “favorite pics

  1. I think the Disney Sea and the Mantis are my favorites… he looked ready for his close-up. 🙂 Great job! Just got the 4S, so I’ll be playing with iphotos as well.

  2. Hello ! There are a lot of beautiful images here ! Wherever you look, nature or city, sea or people, you seem to take your pictures at the right moment and give them a special mood. Thanks for your visit and “like”.

  3. Some really nice skies there, but my favourite is definitely the frosty morning pic.
    Wonder if the new iPhone will have any major camera upgrades – the competition on the pictures side is really ratcheting up, especially with optical image stabilitsation in the new Nokia…

  4. I am in love! I appreciate the things people photograph as much as I do their skill. Your shots are interesting. The mantis is one of my favorites. The volcano in the distance feels like it is a sheltering presence. Count me among your admirers. I wish I could work an iPhone half as well.

  5. You have a great eye for prospective and composition. Some people got it, most don’t. You my friend have it! It’s a gift! Thanks for the like on my blog. Sure appreciate it.

  6. I love photographing the sky. Love the one where the sun set differently and changed colours. I have a few good ones but just learning how to take photos. Will open up a page Mystic Skies under my about page and if you like any I will send them to you FREE.

  7. WOW! No wonder they are favorites. I love the sun and clouds as well as the sunsets – that little grasshopper so right there! You have such a wide variety of subjects, I never know what I will find when I read your posts.

    Thanks for liking my post “Is It Pain?”

    • thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      I don’t really have a genre for taking pictures of.. just what I see in daily life, or what might make for an interesting photo…!

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