Born and raised in Seattle, WA., but now I have spent nearly all of my adult life here in Japan..specifically Yokohama, Kanagawa.

This isn’t the first time I’ve kept a ‘diary’ or blog about what I’ve been up to. One, to let my family back home keep up with me. Second, and this is mostly to sate my photography bug, and to keep some of those images I’ve captured off of my iPhone, they’ll be posted up here. If you haven’t noticed, I post every day.. at least a picture! Sometimes more than that.

I don’t consider myself a professional photographer, nor have I ever taken any photography lessons for that matter (that’s why my blog just says ‘me and my iPhone’ …not ‘photography.’ I know nothing about ‘the rules of thumb’.. thirds, composition or light. etc. I’m not even sure I know what rules exist! I just take pictures that I think might look good.

I’m not a big fan of ‘editing’ my photos…adding filters or other effects, so most of the pictures here are just as I had originally taken them. (Some are cropped or slightly edited (usually brightness only) with Snapseed though!)

From December 2013, I upgraded my iPhone to the 5S, so from post 517.152, it’s taken with my new phone!

Thanks for looking!

There are a few pages that will constantly be updated so come back and take a look:

  • same place – a place I often pass, so I take a picture. Some days Mt.Fuji appears, sometimes not.
  • favorite pics – title says it all…!
  • limited edition – in Japan, ‘Limited Edition’ anything sells!





p.s. Go Hawks!!

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  1. Thanks for checking out and liking my very first post! Love your photos – can’t wait to get to Japan, it’s next on my travel list.

  2. Hello, friend! I think that you are pretty amazing at blogging…and taking quirky, random photos…and being inspirational. So I did something a little wacky and nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. No worries if you’ve been given this honor before…but if not, visit my blog and you’ll get the whole scoop!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Happy winter! You’ve been busy!! Told you awhile ago, I’d be back. Loving your recent works, not to mention the wintery, frosty ones (being that it’s winter). Thanks again so very much for your likes on some of my more recent posts, “Winding Rogue”, “Rosebud”, “Camel Cricket”, “Lunar Flare”, “Monarch Lake”, “Hung Up”, “Rocky Rogue”, “For Purple Mountain Majesties”, “Elk R&R”.

  4. Loving that outfit, dude. I’m in Shiga and we’re just starting to warm up, here. ^^

    It’s interesting to see everyone’s different spots in Japan.

  5. I am right there with you on the editing thing. Maybe it is the fact that i am NOT a photographer or maybe it is that i enjoy the joy of the photo its self being just perfect as is. Or maybe i am just too old to think about all of that editing. Back in my day you had a 110 film camera or 35mm or a poleroid. And if you wanted to do any editing, that would all have to be done in the darkroom. If i had ever taken a photography class and knew how to manipulate a photo in the darkroom, i probably would be kinder to digital manipulation. But for now, i am just excited that we get to see how our photos turned out immediately. No more waiting a week to find out that you had your eyes closed in that family photo and need to take it again! Nice blog. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

    • maybe that is me. I could take all my iPhone pictures in RAW and ‘develop’ them myself, but that would take much more time than I would want to use. So, call me lazy… haha!
      (I had a 110 and a decent 35mm as well!)

      • Old school! I like it. I am so software illiterate that i do not know how to really do anything other than basic editing so that would be a total waste of time. But it also sorta feels like it is cheating. I dont know. There are a couple schools of thought on that with art. Some believe that it is ok to use a projector to enlarge an image right onto a canvas to just transfer the image perfectly. Some think this is ‘cheating’. I am sorta torn because a part of me does feel like that IS cheating but the other part says however you get to your finished product is your business. So i guess it is an undecided issue for me but not knowing how to cheat in photography i suppose kinda makes me in favor of no effects. However, some photos are nothing but effects and that would be like abstract art. …see… this is how my brain works. It is always hashing out issues to try to come to understanding…. Sorry to have sucked you into the vortex!! 😉

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  7. Thanks for stopping in Brent….I wanted to keep this secret until I published, but I have one of your pictures and I wrote a poem for it but it got misplaced and I’ve been looking for it….when I do it should be next.

  8. It’s really gr8 pictures which you have taken by iPhone4S………I think we both are following same journey as I am taking photos using Nokia C6-01 Mobile with slightly or zero editing and you are taking it by iPhone 4S.Same like you I am also not a big fan of “Editing”.

    Really Gr8 Work….

    Keep it up…..

  9. Konbanwa from Toulouse, France Brent-san! 🙂 I love Nihon… I’ve been there 4 times and I do hope to return again some day… I’ll take a look at your awesome blog… My very best and good luck in all your endeavours!

  10. Hi Brent, I enjoyed reading your post and because of it I followed you. Your photos are refreshing, I even thought it was taken by a dslr so kudos to you. I always wanted to visit Japan because of the interesting things, food, and of course Anime, so I got a bit excited upon seeing pictures that were taken from a local’s perspective.

  11. Thanks for stopping by and liking my recent blog post. I will enjoy exploring your blog as well. I like to check out the blog links WordPress provides for people who’ve stopped by. I’ve met many interesting people with a wide variety of hobbies.

  12. Hi Brent, thanks for the like on my post that brought me here. We have something in common, taking photos with our iPhone 4S, though sometime I use filters on my photos. You do have great photos and iPhone 4S is a decent phone to take photos, at least for me for now 🙂

  13. So, I remembered Seattle ( I fell in love with when I was 17) and Japan ( I m/we are looking forward to go since 11 years) of course. But teacher was not stated 😉

  14. Hi! Got fascinated with blog name. Every time I read or hear about “Japan”, it makes me excited. You see, I’m a manga reader and anime lover. My ultimate dream is to visit Japan! I love how you set up your posts with all those pictures. Keep posting!

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