I ate, and ate, and ate…

It’s not that I ate poorly, or that I wanted to eat so much, but when on vacation.. we visited people, went out to lunch, went to dinner, we ate at our friends house, we ate at our relatives house. They came over, we ate… ate some more…

Ribs. Who doesn’t love ribs? well, you know what I mean… As they are supposed to, the meat just flaked off.

Salmon. Slow cooked, almost smoked. So tender!

Gott’s Burgers. Almost as good as In-n-Out! lol

Pulled pork sandwich from a caboose in Half Moon Bay. This was good!

In-n-Out. Nothing beats a Double-Double. 

Pork Roast. Sooooo awesome! 

More Ribs. Just can’t get enough of them.

Tri-Tip AuJus. Do I need to say more?

I can’t live without Swedish Fish

Caviar spread

Cheese and meat plate in Napa Valley
Bouchon and their Oh-Oh’s.

Apple fritters are another of my favorites.

Then I had a burrito..
Jelly Belly factory is pretty boring on the weekends. Just lots of space and jelly bellys you can’t reach from the tour floor!

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