Oh Shit! Using English language in Japan is obviously not censored or edited because it isn’t the mother language here.  Perfect example.. the guy didn’t check the wind direction of his camp fire and accidentally burned down his tent. Oh shit is right…



5 thoughts on “1297.202

  1. I was in a food court once in Yokohama and all of a sudden a rap song came on, “F**cking all da b****es up in here!” And I busted up laughing. There are small kids and adults alike just going about their business, but completely oblivious to the cursing. It was kind of awesome.

    • That happens all the time.. I was in a drug store last week and they were playing… I can’t even remember the song now, but some hardcore rap with ‘F**k’ this and ‘f**k’ that… I was trying hard not to laugh, but…

      p.s. thanks for stopping by!

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