Bad driver. He’s getting my award for the ‘bad driver of the day’ It took him almost five minutes to back up his trailer into this place, along with ripping out a few of the shrubs on the side over there.


4 thoughts on “1339.144

  1. *Insert joke about Asian drivers*, then bow my head in shame because I haven’t driven in years.
    If I were in that situation, I would have gotten out of the truck and been like, “This is where the road ends now.”

  2. Geeeez. I was once in a car in Japan where the driver, to turn right, pulled into the road and blocked the lane until she got an opportunity to merge. It took all my might not to bow in apology to everyone we were holding up during the two or three minutes it took to find a gap.

    • yep… that is typical. and yellow lights might as well be red lights. and red lights..? well, many people run them if they know they won’t get hit by oncoming traffic! lol

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