Renewal. When you get your driver’s license here in Japan, it actually has different ranks. The first being ‘your first license’ then you get a. green one, after that a blue one and finally after 7 years (or is it 8?) of being incident (not accident! cuz as Thomas the Tank knows, accidents do happen!) Anyway, without incident means no moving violations… or violations in general I guess.
This time around I can just go to the my local police station and renew it, or go to the DMV office 20mins away.
Luckily, this will be my SECOND gold license!
Which means cheaper license all together, and cheaper insurance rates!

Getting your license in Japan is another story. Perhaps still on this blog as one of my first entries!

i’d like my time back, please.
Looks like second post I made here on WordPress!
Crazy story… lol


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