Trusty Steed. Way back when I actually used to be all caught up in riding, having new gear, kit, and most importantly lungs and some muscles! Now, I’ve got an older bike, this one is nearly 8 years old now. Past it’s prime, and getting a little worn. But I’d have to say my body is more worn than my bike! Surgery, sprains, strains, weak.. weak.. I remember when I had a few pairs of jeans/pants that I couldn’t wear well because my thighs were too big! that’s not a problem now…
Today I got out to riding to work and back, 23km each way. it’s a nice ride that takes me about 50 minutes or so, depends on the lights, traffic, wind and mostly my energy level! Recently I’ve been lucky enough to ride nearly twice a week for the past month. It’s been good, but soon the rainy season will come… and then it will be HOT!


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