Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective – Tall Signs


Lawson is the second largest convenience store in Japan behind 7-11.  Just like all the rest of the convenience stores, they are everywhere.

Walk around one corner, there is one, or two.  A competitor across the street.  I think everyone has their favorite, or preferences for some of the items specialized by each company, in particular; some sweet bread, desserts (cakes and what-not), and their deli foods, like fried chicken or whatever they’ve got in their deep fryer. lol


I once posted a picture of a ‘Family Mart’ convenience store… or actually where FOUR of them were within eyesight of each other in Tokyo.




And in order to attract their customers, they have to have big, tall, signs, to direct them to their shops.








Not is always the case.  Apparently there are laws and regulations for signs, billboards in Japan that don’t allow them to keep some of the signs rising high up like you might expect.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective – Tall Signs

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