Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone or Matrix Wannabe

“Count to ten slowly”

“One, two, three, four, fi…”

I was out before I could get any further.  After a minute or so the doctors went to work on reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee.  It was 2006, more than seven years after The Matrix was released in movie theaters, but that movie was playing more often than any other DVD in my room.  I often would just throw it in, and let it play while I did things around my place.  I had other DVD’s, of course.  This wasn’t even my favorite DVD (Fight Club, Heat… are up there), but it was always in my DVD player.

At the time of receiving the anesthetic, I wasn’t thinking about ‘how’ it was administered, or how it would ‘feel’, and for the few seconds before I was unconscious, so of course I wasn’t thinking about how surreal it could be related to the movie.

Not until sometime after I was trying to explain to a friend how it felt to put under did I find the right ‘words’ to explain it.

“You remember in the movie, The Matrix, after he swallowed the red pill and is sitting in front of the mirror, and then he touches it?  And it turns to a liquid and starts to cover his hand… and then goes up his arm?”

It was really, just like that.  And add a bit of a tingling, shocking sensation to it, like you sat on your arm… for like an hour and it was starting to come back. And multiply that by ten. divide by two and add four.  Is it the same number? Wait, what was I talking about?

Right, so to add some pictures, because I like pictures, I put these three shots together so I also can always remember what it feels like when I get put under.


I’m not exactly sure of the drug that put me under, but I think it was sodium thiopental.

I don’t even want to talk about what happened when I came out of the surgery room either

“Brent, wake up! So besides your knee, is there anything that hurts?”

“Yea, my ….what is this tube hanging out of me?”

Now that I think about it, I have a few ‘surreal’ events in my life.

One with some ‘real’ morphine.  Yea, that was good too. I thought I broke my back, cut my neck… waiting 15 minutes for an ambulance on my back in the mountains. That was fun too.

I wonder if Neo was thinking about how it felt to have sodium thiopental when he was being traced in the Matrix program.  Maybe he never had sodium thiopental, so he can’t relate.  If he didn’t, I wonder what he might relate taking the red pill to?



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