Better. What’s better than BitCoins? Chocolate coins, I say!
They won’t get hacked or ‘virtually stolen’ You won’t need to keep any ‘hard copy’ of the number, although you should leave your chocolate out of the sun! (and other warm places.. and out of the refrigerator or you’ll get the ‘fat bloom’)
And getting new chocolate coins is easier and cheaper than getting BitCoins because you won’t need to ‘mine’ them out of that algorithm that would probably take close to 20years, a lot of computing power and a lot of electricity! (but probably worth it if you actually found a block of those bitcoins… in anycase, I’ll stick with my chocolate coins for now.)

At 11am, here was the condition of the roads. This is a four lane road (two on each side), but as you might be able to see, only one lane on each side is actually free. It took most of the day to get the whole road open. I hope it doesn’t freeze over too much tonight. Wednesday and Thursday have a 50% chance of snow… again.


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