Jailbreaking. I really only have a couple of reasons to jailbreak…
Mostly for biteSMS, if you don’t know, well.. then you don’t know.
It’s the only way to text. Quick reply while you’re still in an app, no need to close the app, get into messages, reply, then get back to your app.
Next, MyWi7, to tether my Nexus7 or iPad to my iPhone. A one time, $20 dollar fee to tether.. excellent deal!
Lastly SpotDefine. A small tweak that allows you to use the dictionaries hidden in your iPhone. Swipe down to get into the ‘Search’ menu, then select ‘Dictionary’ …behold! your definition!

There are certainly TONS of other tweaks, themes, addons, etc to keep you happy, and I used to do some of that, but now I mainly just need those three!


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