Working in Japan has enough of it’s challenges whether it be the language, the bureaucracy, administration and just all the other silliness that just seems too odd for us foreigners.
I work in a private school, so all the kids wear the same clothes, so it’s impossible to distinguish many of them. And if you can imagine, the school is super strict, and of course, only Japanese students. What am I getting at? There are basically no nicknames for some of them because there isn’t much of a distinction (in a general sense).

A: “Some student came looking for you..”
Me: “Oh yea? who was it?”
A: “dunno.. she didn’t say her name and she’s never been in my class.”
Me: “Did she say anything?”
A: “Nope.. said she’d be back later though.”
Me: “….great.”
Now, the running joke is to ask ‘What did she look like?‘ but since this is a private school- uniforms, strict rules, and everyone is Japanese.. it basically sums up the ENTIRE school!

Me: “What did she look like?”
A: “Um… you know, straight, black hair, dark brown eyes, hair about down to here”
A: “Blue skirt, blue sweater, white blouse, red tie.. blue socks, white shoes… spoke mostly Japanese.”
Me: “Oh, right…of course! lol”

Yep, that just summed up the who school!  We do however have a pretty good grip on most of the students we teach, some of us take to more lengths to remember their names, and some of us are just better at remember people’s names.

Teachers on the other hand are a bit more distinctive. Private schools in Japan are full of strange people. Certainly some of the strangest people I have ever met.  I wondered how they could all be teachers and part of society as well.  Some of the teachers have gotten their nicknames because of their poor behavior, social skills (or lacking thereof), or something else that either makes them ‘look like’ the character or ‘act like’ the character.  Sometimes it has almost nothing to do with the name, or something slightly off tangent from the name.
There are about 60 people or so in the two main rooms where we work, and more than half have nicknames! Of course they are only names that we call them, not to them, or in front of them!  Because we are the only English speakers here, it’s not like we need to talk in code, but it’s better than calling/saying out their real names when we talk about them.

  • Munster
  • shaggy
  • meer
  • v-witch
  • goblin nashi
  • punch drunk Pete
  • beaver
  • goblin g
  • ditz
  • Aunt Jemaima
  • donkey
  • Ram-Man
  • (________)
  • Peschi
  • Edvard (munch)
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Mer-Man
  • peabody
  • road warrior
  • Alex Owens
  • beat box
  • Mr. Miyagi
  • halloween
  • GD (General Duck)
  • LB
  • holy shit
  • Uncle Fucker
  • Cowboy / TinTin
  • (________)
  • stay puft
  • not South
  • mushroom head
  • Whitney
  • Hobbit
  • sick note
  • (________)
  • back it up
  • Courtney
  • Harry Tortoise
  • Capt. Ramune
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • cookie
  • butterball
  • Mrs. butterball
  • (________)
  • iced tea
  • (________)
  • Tracy Tops
  • (________)
  • Wipe it off
  • Mickey
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • minion
  • Nancy McMuffin
  • poof perm
  • Evil-lyn
  • Snarf
  • disco
  • (________)
  • walnut
  • Clyde
  • Sunday
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • Scooby
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)
  • (________)


Nicknames for others not in our room? Every year, some people move from office to office.  Some stay in this office for quite a long time, others seem to move more often.

  • JD
  • Bambi
  • bobby-sock
  • jockey
  • woody
  • hoover
  • push-start
  • Rocky
  • Bullwinkle

I’m sure there are a few more than we forgot, or haven’t written down here.  And for those who haven’t gotten one, they’ll be getting one soon! lol


7 thoughts on “nicknamed

  1. I probably should have realized you were a teacher by now… What did I think you were doing in Japan? lol.

    Now comes the arduous task of stealthily grabbing photos of each of these people to put faces to the names!

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