‘Kaki.’ Persimmon. By the time these get ripe, most of the leaves will have fallen off the trees.  But there are two ways to eat your persimmons; one way is when the fruit is rather hard.  They have a very distinct taste, somewhere between an apple and …I think maybe there is no other fruit like it!  The other way to enjoy them is when they are nearly rotten. Soft and mushy, bruised looking, they seemingly fall apart when you hold them.


Orange.  of some kind… Interestingly, there are quite a few different kinds of citrus fruits that are very different from each other.  This is one of them and I’m not even sure what it is!


‘Yuzu.’ My picture didn’t turn out. Still a bit out of focus, for some reason the yellow didn’t want to focus correctly.  Anyway, ‘yuzu’ is a small, citrus fruit which I’ve talked about in many of my previous posts.  They have a very sour but really nice flavor to them.  Squeeze them on your favorite fried foods instead of lemons, or mix them with a variety of other things, like ‘ponzu’, one of my favorites!



8 thoughts on “476.111

  1. One year as a teenager, my mother and I picked a lot and made several different things to freeze. Bread and cookies were on the list, but I don’t recall the others. I also love the “silverware” in the seeds if you split them in half, you see little fork or spoon like shapes. Personally, I likened their taste and texture somewhere between an apricot and pumpkin…

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