Daily Post: Photo Challenge – Morning


Routine. Nearly every day I drive past a field that, more often than not, provides a beautiful view to Mt. Fujii. I can’t say it’s every day though. Some days it looks absolutely glorious, some days it’s cloudy or fogged over in the mountains. One thing is for certain, I can’t say sure what I’m in for!
This picture was actually taken last week…
You can look at many of the pictures I’ve posted from this place on a page called ‘same place’
It’s one of the indexes, just below the main header image.

Sunsets might look like this….

Both of these pictures were taken last week….

12 thoughts on “Daily Post: Photo Challenge – Morning

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  4. I just am still blown away when you say something like, the view of Fuji or driving by everyday and this view of Fuji…..I cannot imagine seeing Fuji every day. This is a great pic.

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