Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?


I’d say no. No, thank you.

Nutrition isn’t the reason I eat. If that were the case, I’d probably be eating a lot of food I don’t want to eat! But then again, we can make ‘nutritional choices’ swapping out food we don’t like for food we do like.

“Eat your peas. Eat your carrots!”

I don’t like peas or carrots. But I would just eat something else instead.

I like eating though. I often more than not, eat what I want, but that is because I used to (past tense!) ride my bicycle ridiculous distances (+150km or so /day?), and I could basically eat anything and it wouldn’t have much of an effect on my health. I’m not saying I ate all junk food.. quite the opposite. I often thought I needed to ‘carbo load’ with rice, pasta or potatoes, or get enough protein from eating meats, tofu, beans, or whatever. And of course other kinds of vegetables, etc. But I always ate what I wanted. It was because I liked to eat!

I’ve always been the type to stop eating before I get full. My mother envied me. She was born post WWII and was basically forced to eat everything on her plate. That didn’t stop..er, that hasn’t stopped. Breaking habits like that is pretty tough.


Wait a minute. Read the question again?

Just get the nutrition you needed in a day from a pill?

Then eat anything else I want? No worrying about what to eat?

Sounds tempting. I think that would make my eating habits even worse. It would certainly change my eating habits. I think I still have the habit to, to some degree, count my calories, or look at sugar/fat/ingredients to some degree. I’m not a fanatic about it, but I often take a look, or think about what I eat ..’too much of this, not enough of that..’ kind of thing. But if I didn’t have to worry about it, I think it would change how I (and other people) think about food.


Wait a minute…

Did we just solve the food shortage problem? To some degree solved? I mean, it’s not like we have to take this pill right? We can still spend money on food, but…

Would that just make us more prolific?

Would that kill us off?

What would the pills save us money? If so, what would we do with the extra money?

Would that just make us NOT produce anymore food? Wheat, corn, sugar, vegetables, meat?

No need for GMO’s?

No need for other biotechnologically modified foods?

No need for fish farms?


From a simple question, it would certainly raise a thousand other questions that would change the ecosystem of everything… everywhere. All living animals in every corner of the world would feel the consequences. Seems like a typical thing, doesn’t it? What we humans do to our world.. destroy it. It sounds like just another way of destroying our world, almost unrealistically.

It would put a lot of people out of work… farmers, packers, canning, slaughtering, packaging, trucking, other logistics. A real mess of a food chain. A very broken food chain….

It would probably make real food really, really expensive.

It would… be pretty unthinkable, don’t you think?


Snack time! yum! (it’s like a little cake with cream pressed between two light pieces of pastry, kind of)





Maybe the real question is about flavors, tastes, and enjoying our food, or time. Preparation time aside, isn’t one of the times when people are together, chatting, making conversation, talking about our daily lives at the dinner table? What would that make us? What would happen to that ‘family’ time?

What would happen to our manners at the table?

What would happen to our food culture?

Isn’t that one thing people are excited about when travelling to other countries, is the food culture? To try new things–food? and to brag or complain about it?

We all have our favorite foods, when and/or where we like to have it…

Come on, think about it.

I think that while this question has brought up some thoughts of ‘food’, nutrition, and whatnot, I don’t ever see any kind of treatment or drug to replace ‘nurishment’. Too many people depend on it..in many different meanings of the word.




10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

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  2. I’d like the option for the days I really feel like I want the texture and experience of foods, and then plenty of days when I don’t have time or am trying to stay away from junk food that I could not have to even bother with food!

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