RR. Back to Red Robin again… this was their premium burger. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was still pretty good!


First and Pike. Then you can walk into Pike Place Market.


Carkeek Park. Today went down  for the super low tide, -2.4, and got to turn over the rocks, find lots of hermit crabs, rock crabs, a few gunnels, shrimp, starfish, and even a small dungeoness crab!


ESB. One of the few beers I really miss in Japan $2.99, but in Japan, who knows…! 

and when I get to SF, Anchor Steam, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale!


Downtown. Waterfront to be exact. Gotta be the tourist while I’m in town! lol.


Baked potato fries. and a ‘Jersey’ dog.. fried. pretty good but I’m going to be so fat when I go home!!! 


PCS. Pacific Science Center arches have a part of Seattle’s history since the 1963 World Fair.




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