Rising. Morning once again.. waiting for the line of people in front to get going. typical… wait in line for something here in Japan. lol

(it’s sports day for my son.. sitting in line to get a GOOD place to sit all day!  lol. what a joke…!)


 Young ones. Chestnut trees are ‘in bloom.’ You can smell them from a mile away! These ones are just small, the large ones are ridiculously huge!


 Forward or Backward. An obvious ploy to trick predators into the wrong end…! Only to fly off!


 Azaelea. They are just everywhere… 


 Drive by. This is my version of a drive by shooting… 


 Share. Buy your friend one? 

Bottle tops have a letter on them…

  (my initial, of course!) 


 Another. Another badass, but i had to destroy her house. Because it was on the side of the house. A bit unfortunate actually.


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