Reprise. I’m craving a burger..


Lost Dog. Found a dog yesterday, the good thing.. you can call the cops for just about anything. The other good thing.. she was a very nice dog that really liked people.

The bad, the owner did call and picked up the dog. We could have had two..


Calculator. I was thinking of getting a calculator.. this one might be good.


Chrysanthemums. More and more..


Pony Park. Just outside the Youth Center in Yoyogi, there is a riding club (a rather small one), as well as a free are to visit the ponies they keep. You can even pet them and feed them during specific times.


Sun setting. On the main temple buildings in Yoyogi park.


Gomez. Twelve bucks for a mission style burrito.. but in Japan, it’s almost worth it! They are hard to come by!