Waseda Lacrosse. Today I was fortunate enough to meet an old student that I truly adore. She gave me a t-shirt by surprise! I’d have to say it fit quite well!


Gym. If only the people (students) had the common knowledge to put the weights back after they use them. The only problem is that many of the PE teachers don’t teach them and in many cases, have worse manners than the kids.

I usually workout in the morning so I almost never see any kids in there, otherwise they might get an earful!! 


Apple Music. I started my 3 free months, but made sure to turn off the automatic renewal service.


 So you tap on the little head in the top left, and this menu (above) come up…

Tap on ‘Manage’ under ‘Subscriptions’ and….
 Here you have a choice to turn ‘On’ or ‘Off’ the ‘Automatic Renewal’ …

Done! 3 Free months, and you won’t hace to worry about getting charged for Apple’s not so interesting Music.

Altough it was kind of interesting setting up the ‘Music’ app afterwards..! little bubble like …things



 Backstreets. The highways are always super crowded in the morning.


Black and Hot. Yea, the lady driving this Toyota FJ Cruiser was gorgeous!

Not exactly the type of person I imagined getting out of this car!



Chirashi-zushi.  This was at an old friends place… and delicious as always!


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