Borderline. So many areas outside of Tokyo are full of places that have open spots for farming. Whether it’s small time, just for a hobby, or to a bit larger scale to sell locally to the JA (Agricultural Co-op) which in turn sell to many of the surrounding supermarkets.

Looks like some baby spinach on the right side. And some over-grown leeks that won’t account for much of anything on the left.


My Music. Three months ago I started using Apple Music, which is actually pretty good. I got introduced to a lot of new music, not all of it great, but for the most part, a lot that seemed to fit my style. So for ¥980 a month, is it worth it? Probably. It could be about the same as buying a new CD/album each month!  


same place. I can’t help but to post this place I pass by all the time. Sometimes it just looks too awesome.


Singled out. A lone street lamp waiting for duty after the sun sets.


same place. Today Mt. Fujii made an appearance in the background. I wonder how long till the first snow…


Cheese. I think I was lucky to get so close for a picture.


Last Chance. One of the last festivals of the year as the weather is cooling off. But last night the weather was perfect.


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