Work. Some days require a long day… today two of us worked 15hours. That definitely was too much… hopefully just a once a …long while there are days like this.



Frosty. These are days I’m looking forward to… bring it on!


Jerky. Usually associated with beef or …

well, it did taste like any other kind of jerky actually. Not bad!


Lost. When you lose something in the train station (or on the train), and someone finds it while you’re still paid in the station, they give you a ticket so you can go back and get it.


Bacon. Burgers with bacon is the best way for me. Today my co-worker convinced me to go grab one for lunch. Yea, it was pretty difficult to convince me.


Dessert. If you go to Cappricosa for your birthday, you can get some free cake. Only, you don’t know what kind of cake it is until you get there. This year was lucky.. cheesecake.


Rainy. July is still rainy, which is quite odd for Japan. By now it’s usually blasting hot. But I’m actually glad the hot weather hasn’t arrived yet. Forecast says this week will give us the roasting temperatures of the summer.