Easter. Easter is NOT a big deal in Japan, it’s not even a small deal, but like all other Christian events, they only get into the ‘spirit’ of events.. not the actual meaning of it all. So, food, snacks.. “wait, who was this JC guy?”

Here is a perfect example.. $64 chocolate Easter egg. Granted, it’s pretty big.. 40-45cm tall, but still… who buys an Easter like that??



Ramen. The sub-culture of ramen here, is really quite elaborate for just a ‘kind of noodles, and soup’

But truly quite amazing that is has been categorized in so many different ways, styles of… everything. Noodles, and soup base at the very basic level.

I ordered this one… does it look the same?


HRC. I’m not a real fan of this place. I was actually hoping to go to a local izakaya for something to eat. Oh well.

Long Island Ice Tea, btw


Spring. Iris’ not quite blooming, but getting close.


Genuine. Yep.. a REAL bear claw…





interestingly enough they all had this little sticker on the other side… must be Chinese bears


Handstand Piss and Faint Scent Shit. If you were a panda, did you know they have secrets? or some special abilities…?

This was a collection of postcards from China. These were the best two, obviously.


Blurry. Hard to see because he was so far, and I had to use the zoom on my iPhone, but it’s a pheasant. In suburban Yokohama. I’ve seen peregrine falcons, quails, foxes, weasels, but this is the first pheasant I’ve seen around here.