Kerosene. Japan is big on kerosene. Almost all of the portable heaters are kerosene. This is the first one I bought 17-18 years ago. Unlike some, it isn’t electrically run so it’s good to keep in case the power goes out… or there is an earthquake.



M4. As in a BMW M4. It’s the first I’ve seen in Japan. Only 100,000+ dollars…


Setsubun. February 3rd is the day we throw roasted soy beans out the doors and windows and say, “oni wa soto!” (demons be gone!), and throw beans inside and say, “fuku wa uchi!” (fortune come in!). Then you collect and eat the number of beans that represents your age.

Recently people just throw little packets of beans inside the house because cleaning up all the beans can be a bit troublesome. it’s more fun to throw the beans!


Donguri. Is the Japanese word for acorn (dohn-goo-ree). At least what is left of this one…


Yamazaki-srore. In the middle of nowhere, you can count on a Yamazaki-store as the lone ‘convini’..unless of course you find 7-11.. cuz they are every where too.


Side light. Actually it’s an alien green light coming to abduct me


Walk. Out for a little walk, actually walking home from the gym.. 


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