Poor guy. I think he ran into the glass window and did himself in.


Froglets! They are still only about an inch long, but they look like frogs. Just they can’t walk on land yet.


Protein. 50 scoops even! Hope it’s decent stuff…


Neighbors. And this isn’t even super close. I’ve seen houses where you can literally put your hand out the window and touch the other house!


Ready. The ground has been tilled, soon enough they’ll open it up to be flooded.. cuz it’s a rice paddy.


Tadpoles. A few weeks ago they didn’t have any legs, but now you can clearly see they have miniature hind legs!

Worst of all, they are nearly impossible to photo! lol


Um… I ‘m not even sure how to explain this one. It’s a tree, but with huge white flowers on it at this time of the year.


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